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About us

Artists-run space Delta 5, gathers a group of artists on the location of an ex industrial complex in Rijeka. The space of Delta 5 is divided into a number of ateliers/studios and one project room which is used for presentation, production and social purposes of the members and associates of the organisation. The artists of Delta 5 share their interest in the field of production and promotion of contemporary art, design, their critical reflection and reception in public.


Milijana Babić

Milijana Babić is a visual artist whose work often enters the field of live art, developing in the direction of contextually specific log term actions. Starting point of her work is her own position as a woman and an artist, which she questions in her immediate surrounding. Lives and works in Rijeka.

Tomislav Brajnović

'The Artist is a soldier in a ripe wheat' is a short statement about my mission as an artist. In a fantastic but dangerous world I am fighting for the redefinition of notions, history and history of art. I superimpose meaning, spiritual and ethical values to material, archeological, historical, conventional, and 'artistic' values. From that position I am questioning customs, traditions, heritage, predetermination. Such attitude implies critique and questioning of my own position.

Igor Eškinja

Igor Eskinja constructs his architectonics of perception as ensembles of modesty and elegance. The artist “performs” the objects and situations, catching them in their intimate and silent transition from two-dimensional to three-dimensional formal appearance. Using simple, inexpensive materials, such as adhesive tape or electric cables and unraveling them with extreme precision and mathematical exactitude within strict spatial parameters, Eskinja defines another quality that goes beyond physical aspects and enters the registers of the imaginative and the imperceptible.

Fokus Grupa

Fokus Grupa is an artist collective based in Rijeka and Zagreb, Croatia. Their practice is collaborative and interdisciplinary, and they work across art, design and curating. Their artistic strategies take political shape, without becoming a representational form of ‘political art’. Their work spanes across various media: in printed matter, films and installations, works on paper, discussions, workshops, texts...

Ana Labudović

Graphic designer, after finishing the School of New Media in Sweden she has been working across disciplines, mostly for independent culture and civil society. Preserving and promoting the legacy of the artist Branko Vlahović since 2010. Fascinated by human relationship with technology, networks, privacy, nature and society.

Nadija Mustapić

Her video/audio installations insist on the importance of the viewer’s phenomenological encounter with her work, which explores multidimensional relations of space, its representation, subjectivity, contingency, political reality… Mustapić creates non-linear narratives about specific sites or suggestive spaces that evoke contingent states of being or meanings ‘stuck’ in between the past and the present. In her work, a site is a place linked to general or specific realities, but also, that where where viewers’ bodies are put in relation to the (moving) images that delineate a space of distilled meaning.

Toni Meštrović

His work is predominantly in form of video and sound installations and deals with themes of cultural heritage, identity and the transformations that have occurred in Dalmatia since the period of transition. While distilling those topics in a personal way, through a personal perception of the sea and the island culture where he grew up, some of his continuous preoccupations are assimilation of linear and cyclical time and the exhaustion of a quotidian-life type of narrative, as well as a wide range of topics of change - as a record of evaporation of water or as a commentary on social or cultural change.


Marino Krstačić-Furić (1984) and Ana Tomić (1981) both graduated at Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka. They are working since then together as freelance graphic designers on various projects in the field of culture. Their interests are in the field of graphic and product design, illustration, installation, graphics, photography, etc.

Nika Rukavina

Nika Rukavina lives in Rijeka, Croatia. She holds a BA in sculpture of Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and works in different media from performance, installations, painting, sculpture and video. Her primary interest is trying to find a different perspective on commonly accepted views.